Illustration by the incredible  Alela Diane

Illustration by the incredible Alela Diane

How you can help us to give back

Gary and I feel blessed beyond all measure and we are committed to helping those that haven't been as fortunate.  We are currently offering to provide a free one hour family session for anyone who presents us with proof of donating $350 or more to any of the organizations listed below.  A combination would work too so as long as your donations add up to $350

You get the tax write-off.  

We get to engage with you and photograph your family.

You get family heirlooms to treasure.  

We all get to give back.

How's that for a win/win?  

Together Rising

Planned Parenthood 

The Table 

Wellspring Women’s Center 

Tubman House 

*Donate now and we can schedule you anytime between now and November.